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The Power of a Photo

The Circa 1995 Virginia State Woo Woos recently chose The House of Photography by Connie & Co. to recreate their viral group photo from late last year. Having them in my studio last month was so much fun and I have the pictures to prove it.

When someone decided to share their nostalgic photos from their earlier days, little did they anticipate the overwhelming response it would receive. Their throwback images garnered such tremendous traction that people began wanting to know, "Where are they now?" Rather than merely telling the story, they decided to show it in the most impactful way possible. They reached out to me and booked a session to recreate that viral photo from the past. This year, when they shared the recreated image, it gave the people what they wanted.

The response has been nothing short of incredible, with countless individuals admiring how amazing they look while also finding inspiration in their journey. Their photos have garnered millions of views and earned prominent features on a wide range of social media and news platforms, including Yahoo News, The Shade Room, CIAA, HBCU Alum, VSU, Fox5 DC, among others, generating thousands of shares along the journey. It's a testament to the power of photography by capturing a memory that would visually tell a story for years to come.

These remarkable women, proud alumni of Virginia State University, not only lead active and successful lives but also recognize the profound importance of preserving memories. Without the original photo, there would have been nothing to recreate. They stand as a shining example of why stepping in front of the camera can be powerful and positive.

A single photograph possesses the ability to transport us back to cherished moments that last a lifetime. This is why photographers love to do what we do – we capture those moments, enabling you to relive them over and over again.

Photography serves as the ultimate means to fortify the bonds we share with our friends and family. Don't allow your fear or reluctance towards being photographed deter you from experiencing this beautiful form of connection.

The nostalgic image of the Virginia Woo Woos stands as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving our stories, making new ones and celebrating the relationships that hold special places in our hearts. For them, it encompassed their time as iconic cheerleaders at an HBCU, the profound connection with a cherished teacher, the results of a higher education, the enduring friendships that have spanned a lifetime and of course the results of aging beautifully. This photograph's true power lies in its ability to tell all of those stories. Let their visual story serve as an inspiration for you to create your own cherished memories, to freeze those priceless moments in time, and to embrace the profound beauty of photography.

At The House of Photography by Connie & Co., our mission is to provide a welcoming environment where clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, allowing them to be seen and celebrated for who they truly are. I am incredibly proud of our remarkable team, who create an atmosphere that is not only fun and creative but also offers an unparalleled client experience.

As we look to the future, remember that today's photographs are the memories we'll cherish tomorrow. So book the shoot and get ready to tell your visual story.

Photos by Connie McGowan

Assist by Renee Walston Johnson

Studio The House of Photography by Connie & Co. at Stony Point Fashion Park

Makeup by GennieaNicole_MUA for cheerleader on far right.


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