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The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

A Mississippi native from Quitman living in Richmond VA for 24 years. She is a passionate and dedicated photographer with an impressive 14 years of professional experience. But her journey with photography began long before that, as she was gifted a camera by her great-grandparents during her early teenage years. This early connection to photography was deeply influenced by her great-grandmother, who would lovingly open her cedar box of cherished photographs and share stories about people Connie didn't even know, just by looking at their images.

Connie's inspiration comes from the belief that photographs should visually tell your story, a principle she continues to uphold in her work today. With an innate talent and a lifelong connection to photography, she captures moments that freeze time.

Specializing in branding and boudoir photography, Connie recognizes the power of great imagery for small businesses and the life-changing impact of boudoir sessions for women. In August 2022, her dream was realized by opening The House of Photography, a 3500 sqft studio located at Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond, VA. This venture was made possible through the unwavering support of her friends and community, who came together to help her build her dream house for photography.

At The House of Photography, Connie doesn't just welcome her clients; she embraces them as guests and ensures they leave as family. Your photography experience is not just about capturing moments; it's about finding your new home for photography, where your unique story is beautifully crafted and cherished for life.

Hey Y'all

I'm Connie McGowan

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA
The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

some fun facts about Connie...

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Statement Glasses

There is not a statement eyewear she doesn't love.  They are her necessary accessory.

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Crafted Cocktails

Pretty and tasty cocktails are her thing. She can also double as an amazing bootleg bartender when she needs to be.

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Fun Social Activities

Go. See. Do. That's her motto. Socializing is in her DNA. Meeting new people, trying new things and going fun places are some of her favorite things to do.  

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Reality TV

Reality TV is her guilty pleasure.  Survivor is her favorite show and all the BRAVO reality series.

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Event Planning

She is always thinking of her next event to plan and host. Getting people together with a common theme and amazing decor is a must! 


She loves a curated vacation experience with an amazing hotel, delicious food and great excursions.

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Office Supply Junkie

She is super bougie about her office supplies, picky about her pens and particular about the planners she use.  She can spend countless hours in an office supply store. It's her therapy! 

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Home Decor

Furniture stores are her jam. She enjoys decorating and organizing to create an inviting space and vibe she loves.  Afro boho is her favorite style. 

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA


She is lover of small dogs. They bring her joy and unconditional love. She misses her beloved Bella Boo everyday and always.

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Self Care

She enjoys taking time to center herself and clear her mind with meditation and stretching as a part of her self care routine. She also loves a deep tissue massage!

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

It's All About Connie

She loves taking photos and having photos taken. She is a product of her own work. Photos are a fun form of self expression for her and she enjoys doing shoots every month. 

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