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Lifestyle Portrait Photography & Studio

Are you ready to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera?

Stand Out with Elevated

Brand Photography

The House Of Photography works with experts who are ready to:

are you ready?

Look polished, sophisticated and cutting-edge

Connect on an emotional level with high-end visuals

Elevate their personal & professional brands

Inspire trust and confidence

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

tell your unique story!

Let Our Images

Our mission is to help you, our cherished client, not just be seen but truly noticed. Through our photography expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that every aspect of your unique personality and style shines in every shot. We capture the essence of what makes you extraordinary, making sure you stand out and leave a lasting impression in any setting. Your presence will demand attention, and your images will leave a lasting impact.

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Our Clients Are...

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA
The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA





Content Creators






Makeup Artists

Event Planners





Just like you..

How to Know if You're Ready for Professional Brand Photography

You have a clear brand identity and style that photography can convey visually.

Your brand positioning supports premium pricing that higher-end photography will reinforce.

If you answer "yes" to several of the following, you are likely ready to invest in elevated brand photography:

You want imagery that stands out boldly on websites, packaging, brochures etc.

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA
The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Your current brand photography looks inconsistent or amateurish.

You have the budget to invest in a custom branded shoot.

You need diverse lifestyle and product usage photos for marketing.

You are upgrading your overall branding and content production.

Signature Services We Offer

immerse yourself in our portfolio...


Hey, I'm

Connie McGowan

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA
The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

Through the lens, I capture life's vivid stories beyond comfort zones, and I'm passionate about guiding others on their exhilarating visual storytelling journey.

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"I drove 4 hours to get my birthday and branding photos done! Man I was blown away by the beauty of the studio, Connie's team, and the attention to details! Not only were my photos beautiful and deliver way ahead of my birthday! But she truly made me feel like the CEO and the birthday queen I was! Thank you Connie & Co at House of Photography for doing more than taking my photos! Thank you for giving me an experience that will be remembered!"

F. Funnye

The House Of Photography, Richmond, VA

ready to  capture your unique story?

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